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    spark Label change text quarks




      There are several cases in my AIR app where I am reusing labels. It's a sheet music app so when the piece changes the title / author change in the header. There is also a loading screen that I reuse. As well as popup alerts and so on. The problem I am having is when I change the text of the label there are several strange things that happen: the text doesn't center even though it's set to align in the center, the label doesn't update at all, you see the label change, you see the label pop into place from the left side, the container view changes height then back to the right height, and so on.


      The most frustrating issue is seeing the next pop into place or not change at all.


      There doesn't seem to be an event such as "text change ready" but there really should be given the way it behaves. I've been using an abitrary timeout in some cases and it seems to work most of the time but it's not perfect.


      Why is the text change so slow, is there anything I can do to know when it's ready?