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    Using processFormSubmission web service


      I'm trying to figure out how to use the processFormSubmission web service. I have an XDP that I'm rendering as HTML. When a user submits the form, the following POST data is returned to the web server:


      [Seller_Name] => Array


                  [0] => Joe Jones



          [dated] => Array


                  [0] => 1/10/12


      [FSAPPLICATIONDATA_] => H4sIAAAAAAAAAO18WbOzOLLge/2KE/U0E+4qYx (data abbreviated)

      [FSRENDEROPTIONS_] => H4sIAAAAAAAAACXKQQqAMAwEwN/4ix4 (data abbreviated)


      The first two fields are the data that the user filled out, and the third field is the original XML data used to populate the document (base64 encoded binary). I need the new data that the user entered combined with the original XML data. I'm assuming that the processFormSubmission service is the way do to this? Is this correct? If so, how exactly do I pass all of this information to the processFormSubmission service so that it can combine them all? If not, is there some other way to accomplish what I want (combining the newly entered form fields with the XML data)?


      Thanks in advance,

      Nathan Dawson