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    Flash video players on separate webpages


      I tried desperately to upload multiple videos with quicktime player,  then I decided to return to the tried and true flv. format and purchased a flv. an xml video player component.  Everything works fine and I uploaded it to my webpage index.3  It works great.


      Then I decided to put other videos on the second page of my webpage index.4 BUT the videos from index.3 are playing on index.4.  I tried to change the swf files to swf and swf1 so that they would not overlap each other BUT I think the problem is the content folder for the video player it has a data.xml folder for each video player.  I put all of the images for both video players in the same image folder and I put all of the video for each of the video players in the same video folder because I didn't think I could have TWO image folders and TWO video folders uploaded to the same webpage with the same names.


      Then with two video players (its actually the same video player I'm using on two different html pages)  I have an:


      ro  file

      a videoPlayer.as

      swfobject file

      gs file


      Can I use these same files for both video players when I upload them to the internet?  If not do I rename the files





      gs file


      Both video players work when they are on the internet, the problem is that the flv video from index.3 is playing on index.4.  All of the flv videos have different names.


      I would appreciate any help I can get.  Thank you.

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          What is an ro file and a gs file? I'm guessing that you are using a third party flv player and not the player that comes with Flash. In any case an flv player, original issue or not, will play any .flv file that you throw at it, usually. The file to be played can be hard coded into the player or, the player may use an external text or .xml file to tell it what .flv file to use. This information may also be in a variable that the swfobject.js file reads. The videoPlayer.as file is an external actionscript file that will be used by the flash player file. The name of the .flv file may also be hidden in there.


          So it's difficult to know which or how many of these files need to be unique to each of the html pages.

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            waco Level 1

            Thanks for your response.  Yes your right this is a flv. video player component which I purchased on the internet from flashcomponents.net  It is an xml file.

            I have the latest version of flash, does it have a video player????  If so where is it?

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              robdillon Most Valuable Participant

              Go to the Windows menu. Scroll down most of the way to "Components". A new window will open. Select the Video option. Then drag the FLVPlayback component to your movie's stage or Library. If you drag a copy onto the stage, go to the Properties window and you'll see a lot of options for the component. One of those is the source.