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    Are there situations where you can NOT override the FA_errno's code?


      I have a script that does the following:

      1. creates an array
      2. calls a function that populates the array with a list of paragraphs in the FrameMaker document
      3. executes a while loop that then process this array. The while loops conditional is FA_errno==Constants.FE_Success.


      The function returns a FA_errno of -3, which is fine because I was using the ObjectValid method to iterate through the paragraphs so eventually the object will be invalid. My problem is that I cannot override the error code after I exit that funciton. The FA_errno stays set to negative 3. Am I missing something or are there situations that forbid you from overriding the error code?


      The relevant code is as follows:


      var vDoc=app.ActiveDoc;

      var vFlowArray=new Array();

      var vFirstPgf=vDoc.MainFlowInDoc.FirstTextFrameInFlow.FirstPgf;

      getPgfList (vFirstPgf, vFlowArray);


      //due to getPgfList function, the FA_errno is -3 so i am going to overwrite the code



      while (FA_errno==Constants.FE_Success)

      //a bunch of stuff occurs in the while condition but i am not showing it because this never evaluates to true



      function getPgfList (pPgf,pArray)


          while (pPgf.ObjectValid())



              pArray.push (pPgf);




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          I've reproduced this bug on my own machine. In fact, in my limited testing, I did not find any situations where I could explicitly initialize FA_errno. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.


          A workaround, admittedly not the most elegant, could be to call a method with no side-effects that will reset the code for you, e.g.,


               function initFA_errno()


                   app.GetNamedMenu("!MakerMainMenu"); //If this fails, you've got bigger problems



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