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    Pan & Zoom Experience

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      The last couple of days I've been creating a slideshow containing around 80 still photos and applying the Pan & Zoom (hereafter P&Z) tool.


      All of the images were .PSD files batch created at 1,000x750 from original camera jpegs. All non essential applications and processes closed. All anti-virus and anti-spyware scanners deactivated. Project settings PAL-DV-Standard 48kHz. Timeline rendered. All images auto-analyzed in advance.


      Now this is the first release of the P&Z so I was expecting some rough edges. At first it was a little slow (around 8 -10 seconds to get into P&Z from a selected picture). But after around twenty P&Z paths applied it all pretty much grinds to a halt.


      Selecting an image and clicking P&Z it takes thirty seconds before the P&Z screen appears. If I move or resize a frame in P&Z it is another twenty seconds before control comes back. It also has a knock on effect on other activities(e.g. manually creating pan and zoom with keyframes). In case the project file was somehow corrupted I cut and pasted the whole timeline (using clipmate) into a new project but the same problem persists.


      It certainly seems in my case to be affected by the number of slides present in the project to which P&Z effects have been applied. I cut half of them out of the timeline and it all sped up to the original performance (around ten seconds to load and two to three seconds when dragging a frame).


      I'm keen to know if others have a performance hit working with P&Z (and with how many images) as, if it is a common problem, I'll feed it back to Adobe in a bug report / feature request.




      Neale (Intel Q6600 Quad Core at 2.40 GHz, 4GB RAM, W7-64)

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