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    In Design monthly subscription price????


      having a little trouble trying to contact Adobe to ask & keep

      getting sent back to the FAQ section which is not relevant to me.......



      I recently have been purchasing InDesign as a montly subscription

      which states it is $35 USD per month which is fine, I have recently

      cancelled my subscription because my credit card has been getting

      charged $108.43 NZD per month ??????? that in no way fits in with

      any current currency conversion rate, it should be $42 NZD per month

      which i am happy to pay, I will happily renew my subscription at the

      rate that is advertised on their software. Is there an email address I

      can contact Adobe about this on?




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          Stix Hart Level 5

          Adobe charge different countries round the world different rates depending on their own internal workings, which involve a complex equasion using the countries historical exchange rate with USA as at 1927, the typical font size used in the purchasing countries newspapers and what type of units the Adobe manager for that territory has set in the Adobe application they are using at the time.  Or whichever is the higher of that and US rates multiplied by 3.


          Try and have a look at the Adobe website for NZ pricing but you'll probably have to look at the Aussie one, they can't really be bothered with having pricing avaialable on the web for little ol' En Zee.

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            Amzqueenstown Level 1

            thanks for the reply,


            seems like a crazy way to work it, any other purchases I've made

            online have just used a current conversion rate, being that I only used

            InDesign for a few small poster jobs over the couple of months of

            subscription Adobe has sucked up the profit on those




            thanks again for your help