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    Should I upgrade to Mac OS 10.7.3?

    Keith Moreau Level 1

      I'm on 10.7.2, Mac Pro 2008 8 core with 24GB RAM and nVidia 4000 card and lots of eSATA RAID 5 boxes with lots of speed and a SSD boot/app drive. On CS 5.5


      Just finished a small project with a 4 and 7 minute length, seemed like by the end PPro was getting really unstable. Rebooting made it better, but eventually would get lots of slowness or crashing.


      I know that Apple fixed a lot of stuff for 10.7.3, wondering if makes PPro work better or worse than 10.7.2?


      Any advice is appreciated.


      PS- I don't mean to complain about PPro, and I'm not really, I had lots of instability with Final Cut as well, that's why I switched (not to mention other things). Just looking for the optimum PPro / Mac experience. And please don't tell me to switch to a PC a good experience with PPro, I'm hoping that PPro and Mac can work ok. Again, thanks much!