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    Broken 'Hide Edges' function?



      I'm having some trouble with my Flash Professional CS5.5. When I'm doing freehand drawing it shows the edges around every stroke I make. I have tried going to the menu, View -> Hide Edges and also pressing Ctrl+H. It does make the edges go away from the most recent stroke, but at the next stroke it reappears. It didn't always do this, and it's really bugging me!

      Flash also started to crash from time to time, kinda randomly starting with not showing me the layers and then crashing completely giving me an error message talking about some file. This started about the same time as the edge thing.


      I tried to figure out to reset the settings, but I have no idea what to do. Please, help me.


      (I'm doing simple frame by frame animations in a ActionScript 3.0 document, if it's of any importance)