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    A very cheap laptop solution for CS5




      Was going through the Premiere Pro Benchmark website for laptops and saw that there is a GT 525M at no. 529 in the rankings. And it also gives a MPE boost very similar to that of the Quadro 1000m and not far off 2000m. Although adobe recommends that laptops with GDDR5 be used for ideal results with MPE, I noticed that even the Quadro 2000m (officially supported by nVIDIA for hardware MPE acceleration) and the Quadro 1000m both have only GDDR3 RAM. And the GT 525M has the same performance but with 1gb ram instead of 2 and appears to be working fine.


      The Dell Vostro 3750 seems to have the following:


      Sanby Bridge Quad Core

      able to get 16gb ram. Only 2 ram slots but 16 gb can be had for about $150

      Esata and USB3

      17inch screen (900p res and 1080p- though not sure about 1080p)

      an nvidia GT 525m 1gm ddr3 mem.



      After swapping out the dvd rom for another 7200 rpm hdd, and attaching an external esata raid/drive where needed, could this be a cheap editing solution? Thoughts?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          It seems you have done your homework. It can be a cheap solution at € 869 plus the hard disk plus the cost of exchanging the 2 x 4 GB sticks for 2 x 8 GB sticks. Portability must be important for you, since such a system is around 7 times slower than a fast desktop.

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            jaqen Level 1

            Heh. Point taken Harm.


            Its just that I always keep seeing posts all the time about people asking about laptops for 'light' editing or for cheap solutions. I myself am actually saving up for a dell precision m6600 because of much better build components and quality but in the meantime, this is a compromised yet practical solution for beginners and freelancers and even students. This is even cheaper through the dell outlet.


            For an interesting solution with full desktop quadro power and laptop portability in a 'hybrid' modular approach, google 'egpu diy'. Basically they have managed to hook up desktop gpu's to laptops through expresscard slots at almost 90% bandwidth of a full pcie slot.



            Also with ivy bridge release imminent, splurging a large amount on a system might not be wise.


            Am I right in assuming that this would be a possible solution for working away from work? Maybe for putting together a rough cut or offline edit.