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    multichannel audio output

    bluelemonade Level 1



      in director i use 8 sound channels, but with the mix xtra these "channels" are murged to one stereo output.


      now i want to use a multichannel soundcard like the ESI GIGAPORT HD. is it possible to play the director sounds on thes external sound channels...  or is it possible to switch the output mix from channel 1/2 to channel 3/4....  1/2 loutspeakers 3/4 earphones...

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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          Director 11.5 has a new audio engine that can do full 7.1 sound.  You can have individual control ovr any of the channels and send different audio to different speakers.  Also, there are a lot of audio filters and things to adjust your sound.  This will involve some significant recoding on your side to get it from the old sound system to the new one, since they are not done the same way at all.  But look at the docs about the new audio engine (download the free trial of Director 11.5 if you don't have it already) for more info.