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    Main mc loads external swf, then main swf buttons stop working

      I have a portfolio site that I am building. The main site swf has a navigation menu, and a empty movieclip. Each of the buttons on the menu calls up an external swf to load into the main empty mc. When you click on 'home', the 'home' swf loads.. when you click on 'about', the 'about swf loads, I can switch between them, no problem.

      This is where my problem comes in... I just created another external swf that has a gallery in it. The gallery consists of thumbnails and a larger image that are calling from an XML file. When this swf loads into the main mc, everything is fine. But then, the buttons on the main swf menu stop working! The buttons all work going between one another, except when you load the gallery and then you can't go anywhere else. Help!

      let me know what code you need, if any. MUCH APPRECIATED in advance :)

      example of whats happening: