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    Vicious circle with Flash PLayer


      I am using a Windows 7 64 bit system on a resonably good computor. I have downloaded and installed the latest version of Flash Player without a problem. However when I visit a well known website it informs me that Flash Player is not installed and it provides me with a link to adobe.com to install the latest version. I click on the link as there is clearly a problem and am redirected to your website. The new download begins, but when 50% through it tells me a newer version is detected and the download stops. I check my system and yes the original Flash Player is still there, so I re-visit the web page and same problem, it is telling me there is no Flash Player installed and this vicious circle does not stop. I have been to your help and support pages and have tried everything. Uninstalling, deleting through system32 and systemmacromeda, stand alone downloads, nothing works. All windows and microsoft updates are up to date and my nvidia graphics card has the latest driver, this same problem also occurred with the previous driver. I hope you can help.......