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    Swf will not play until refresh?

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      I have created a website mainly in Flash Catalyst(www.edbagnallphoto.co.uk) which I have uploaded online. Within the site there are four image slideshows which I created in Flash(actionscript 3.0). Now when anyone visits my website these image slideshows appear with the first image but are static(they stay on the first image). If you refresh the page the slideshows play perfectly throughout the site. I cannot figure out a solution for this problem as first time visitors to my site are not going to know they need to refresh the page for a the full experience. Any help would be great, thanks.

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Nice photos. I think it might be the fact you have content cached? All the images seemed to play correctly for me. Have you tried a different browser and seen the same result? Maybe enlist a friend or two to look at it.



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            TP_webnoob Level 1

            Hi Ed,


            I clicked your discussion because it sounded like you were having a very similar problem to myself. I have looked at your website and all of the image slideshows seem to be working for me.


            I am very impressed with the interactivity (ie back/forward) buttons functioning and unique URLs for each page or 'state'. Also google searching ed bagnall brings up a hit on your website. I would be keen to ask a few questions on how you made the step from your catalyst output to what you have now as I have virtually no HTML/coding knowledge and am trying to go through this process at the moment with my own site.