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    Question about color differences


      Hi. Using Adobe Photoshop CS2.


      I'm noticing a color difference between an image I'm working on in PS and the final image - after it has been saved.


      For example: working on a image of earth. The image on the web has very deep blues. but when I open it into PS, it looks very purple-ish and when I save it, the color is blue again.


      Sometime the difference is slight, and other times it is definitely noticeable.


      Is there a setting I could adjust? One that would keep the image's true color?





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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Welcome to the wonderful world of color management.


          If you're saving the image with embedded icc-profile, in a format that supports profiles, use a web browser that supports full color management (Firefox but not IE), and have your Photoshop color settings set to "preserve embedded profiles"....then you will not see a color shift.


          Whether the color you then see is right, depends on the monitor profile. But it should be consistent.


          Otherwise all bets are off.

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            c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

            One that would keep the image's true color?

            You might be subject to a misconception; the R-, G- and B-values in an RGB image do not actually describe a color if they are not allocated a position in the Lab- (or like) space (via an ICC-profile).

            They might indicate that a pixel is darker, lighter, more red, etc. than another pixel but which (human) color perception it should actually trigger is not clear without the profile.


            What are your Edit > Color Settings in Photoshop? (posting screenshots can save one some typing)

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              stirgy Level 1

              here is a screenshot of my color settings:



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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                I suggest as a first step, check all those boxes in the Color Management Policies section.


                Another thing that could help is to open your OS Color Management panel, look in Devices, and post a screenshot of that too.  Inevitably you'll be asked what monitor profile you have set up.