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    Accept: */* in LrHttp.get/post

    Jörg Wendland

      Hi everybody,

      I am interfacing a REST service that can either return XML or JSON which it will decide upon the value of the Accept Request Header.

      I can set it, of course, like this:


      LrHttp.get(url, {{field='Accept', value='application/json'}})


      Lightroom (3.6 here) then sends this header:


      GET /blaa HTTP/1.1

      Host: whatever

      Accept: */*, application/json


      Now the service return HTTP/400 because of the '*/*' in the Accept-Header (reproducible with curl).

      I have no control over the service as I am only a consumer, is there any chance I can tell LrHttp to send the Accept header without prepending '*/*'?


      Thanks in advance,