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    CS5 - cutting and pasting causing different sized pasteboards??


      Hi everyone,


      Having a real head-scratcher here! Working in a very normal 8.5 x11 book document with 5 layers. Everything was going very normal and fine until yesterday afternoon - I tried to cut a text block from the 2nd/3rd page spread of my document and paste to the same layer on the 1st page spread of my document. When I do that, the pasteboard for that first page automatically goes about 6x bigger than all the other pasteboards for the remainder of the document (see screenshot below), and there's no result for my paste action. Also having trouble viewing all objects that I know I placed on that first page pasteboard. Trying to Save As to a new document just duplicates the problem. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help!!


      Picture 2.png