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    Please help, struggling blonde with calculation fields!



      I have a question that needs urgent attention

      On Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro I have created a form through importing the file from excel into adobe, not using the Live Cycle Designer. I am having the problem however that when calculating a field that relies on another calculation field, it will not always update consistently or properly. When it doesn't, I have to go back to editing the form fields, and re-do the calculations. This form is for multi-users and i need the properties to work correctly each time, not hit and miss. In this case, the document purpose is to take different calculations from each page, add together the total, find the VAT of that total and amount it to a grand total. These are the figures which keep changing due to the sub-totals not automatically updating when a quantity or price has been changed.

      Any advice would be most appreciated.

      Very Happy