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    No support for downloading Creative Suite 5 Design Premium?

    bcolglaz2 Level 1

      I downloaded a trial version of v5 last year january.  I subsequently purchased an educational version as faculty/staff and applied my license to the trial version.


      Fast forward to the present.  My old laptop has been scrapped and I am told I am entitled to install the software on up to 2 computers.  However, there is no link available (Adobe is on version 5.5; a dot upgrade rather than a full version), no mirror, nor any support for helping me get the media (e.g. shipping install media).


      Adobe's solution is for me to buy the full version of 5.5 (no upgrade path).


      Seriously?  No dowloadable links for in-release?  There's no version-controlled distribution for licensed customers?  No offer of support other than a retail pitch to "net new" a product license I own?


      Appalling experience.  Off to the secondary market and thanks for nothing.