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    conformin mxf files




      Been shooting with the Canon 305 - a card based camera which creates MXF files.


      First i bought adobe premiere 5 and imported them - each file was conformed and I left it before editing.


      Then i read that this has been fixed in 5.5 - so i just downloaded the trial.


      And the same happens.


      I'm using a 6gb Dell laptop - pretty cool. My performance shows that only 3.6Gb is being used so I don't believe its a RAM issue.


      Has anyone heard of a fix - or is that how it is.?


      No real other issues really as they are pretty hefty files anyway. What i've been doing is simply importing less into the project file.


      but hey - grateful to hear from anyone with a fix, or a way round it.


      best regards,



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          What's the problem? Indexing, conforming and creation of PEK files is a required thing. No way around it.

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            nj23333 Level 1

            Hi Harm,


            Actually I was more suprised really as i come from FCP 7. If that's the way it is then fine. What i've noticed though using CS5 is that if you're working on a large project - i.e 300GB + then you might need to break it down into different projects.


            Actually on 5.5 trial i've just uploaded - it seems to run much quicker. So i might have to do an upgrade.


            But as i'm still on CS5 it's taking ages to conform everything..and quite slow even though i've easily have enough RAM for that program.


            just wondered if anyone else experienced it. Not a moan by any means - just wanted to know if anyone had the same issues.