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    Looking for a best way to arrange an array of Pop Up windows with repeating small imgs


      I would like to find out what is the best way to approach setting up various Pop Up windows.

      Here is my set up:

      I have 20+ product images which act as buttons and each brings a user to a unique section with the pop up window where a large photo of this product in use is displayed. In addition to this photo in the pop up window are additional product images (which were also used to create a photographed assembly)

      I figured that since I repeat my product images on the pop up windows and all of them are already used in the product page let me use them again in the pop up window. So I arranged the pop up windows in each separate labeled section in which I reused the product images buttons from the products page and put the UI Loader into each separate labeled section which loads the big assebly photo of that product in use.


      Here are my questions:

      - Should each product have a separate labeled section with a pop up window

           This way I can reuse a number of already existing product button images and load only the high resolution assemble image

            However I end up having a lot of sections labeled for each product


      - or it should be arranged as follows:

           var sourceVar:String;

           function my_btnDown(event:MouseEvent):void {


           gotoAndPlay("productsLoader");//where "productsLoader" is the labeled secion of my UI Loader



           This way I end up with one labeled section but have to implement up to 5 buttons on each new Pop Up.  In a sence I make the size of a loading pop up .swf a bit bigger by not recycling the existing buttons, but my assumption that I will have an easier funcitonality of the site?


      I am not sure which way would be a better or more appropriate way to go?