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    Cannot install Flash Player


      I installed MP3 Rocket and had a problem.  I contacted MP3 Rocket as below:


      I am having a problem installing my MP3 Rocket.  I disabled the anti-virus and downloaded the MP3 and saved it.  I then clicked run and it downloaded.  Every time I open, a window comes up identifying MP3 down loader and after reaching 100% another window opens.  It say I must install Flash 10 or better.  I click to download 11 and it never responds.  No matter what I do the installation will not start.  If I close the window, the MP3 window behind it closes and I cannot start MP3.  I have Revo(ed) every thing and reinstalled and nothing.  What should I do or where do I go for help?


      They responded:


      The MP3 Rocket program actually isn’t broken. Either your operating system or Adobe Flash is the source of this bug. There is an easy fix for this but the problem is not caused by MP3 Rocket. What is happening is that Windows is telling you that you don’t have software installed, which you did install. Sometimes it’s an issue with not having the correct ‘version’ of Adobe Flash. Other times it’s a Microsoft error and simply creating a new user profile fixes this issue. Either way, what is happening is that when you Run MP3 Rocket, it asks, “Hey Windows, is flash on this computer? I need it.” Windows replies, “Nope, it’s not.” Now why would windows say it’s not there? Well, that’s because either you have the wrong flash version or Windows is looking in the wrong place.


      First, let’s make sure that you have the ‘correct’ flash version. You could be using either a 32-bit browser or a 64-bit browser. Depending on which browser is being used by the system determines the version of Flash software that is required. Please go to www.adobe.com (yes, this is repetitive but I promise there’s a purpose) and install Flash Player from the link on the far right side of the page. It should be the 32-bit version. Adobe might have wised up and made it dynamic depending on the browser you’re using. That would mean that it might prompt for a 64-bit version by default or a 32-bit version depending on which browser your computer visited Adobe’s web page with. Anyway, you’ll want to install the 32-bit version of flash (I believe it’s 32-bit by default). Then after you install that version, you will need to search their web page for a ’64-bit’ version of Flash. The last I saw, 64-bit Flash was still in beta but it worked. You need to install the 64-bit version of flash also.


      Now you can restart MP3 Rocket so that it takes advantage of the newly installed flash. If Mp3 Rocket is running, you can right-click the system tray icon (located in the lower right-hand corner of your monitor) and select “exit” from the menu. You can then open the program from the desktop shortcut. If the problem still persists after installing both versions of flash, then you have a Windows profile issue. To fix the profile error, do the following:


      • Go to the control panel
      • Open the manage user accounts utility.
      • Create a new admin account and name it something that you’ll want to keep.
      • Log out of your profile.
      • Log into the new profile.
      • Run Mp3 Rocket.


      If you find that MP3 Rocket is not present or accessible from the new profile, please reinstall the program for this new profile. This is a good indication that something was wrong with your other profile.


      I installed the 32bit but cannot find the 64 bit (my windows 7 is 32 bit).


      It did not work.  I then went through three experts at Just Answer and none could help.  Is there anyone who could help?