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    Flash alpha mapping


      I would like to create a dynamic 3 layer image that can have any of the 3 layers changed.  i was thinking of doing this with alpha mapping where I have a back, middle, and front layer each defined by an alpha map.  So if the style or shape of these changed I just render the texture with a new alpha map to define what portion actually takes the texture.  So for each of the 3 layers there is a type( defines the shape ), the texture which is applied to the shape, and an alpha map that is used to specify how the shape takes the image.


      Imagine a fruit basket that can have the fruit switched out or the basket, and any combination of textures applied.  You could potentially see the inside of the basket which may have a different texture than the outside.  The fruit would all be one image that would then fit into the basket, and finally the basket would render.  Then if you swap the color of the basket but keep the same model it would update, and you could then swap the model of the basket and keep the same color.  But i'd want to do it where I have 1 texture that can fit over all the baskets but is just chopped off using alpha mapping.


      Thanks in advance.