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    Menu not opening upwards

    Peter Hahmann Level 1

      I'm creating a menu on a SuperPanel but when this panel is located at the bottom of my application the menu is still opening downwards and so being cut.

      Visual hierarchical structure:

      btnMultimidia (button that calls the menu)

      The code thats opening my menu is:

      private function criarMenuMultimidia(event:MouseEvent):void{
      var menuMultimidia:Menu = Menu.createMenu(Application.application as DisplayObjectContainer, arrcMenu, false);
      menuMultimidia.labelField = "TITULO";
      var pt:Point = new Point(Math.abs(getRect(btnMultimidia).x), Math.abs(getRect(btnMultimidia).y))
      menuMultimidia.show(localToGlobal(pt).x, localToGlobal(pt).y + btnMultimidia.height + 5);

      If somebody has any clue to solve my problem I would be very thankful, because I'm sure that it's some stupid mistake that I'm commiting.