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    How can I add form field value to the file name in save as dialog box

    Owlbert358 Level 1

      I do not want the form to be saved automatically, just want the form to auto populate the "file name" only.


      A little background on the forms I want to use:  My company has 70 retail outlets, I'll use one of our pdf forms called an "Incident Report" as an example.  I would like for a store manager to be able to complete the form, then email the form to the main office (I already have javascript to add field values and form name to the email subject line), once the main office receives it, I want for them to be able to file the pdf electronically on our server.  We have mutliple forms that we use so I do not want any of the forms to automatically save anywhere, (at this time anyway) I just want the office personnel to be able to click "save as" (or whatever they will need to click) and the form automatically add certain field values from the pdf they have received, of which will be different each time the form is sent to the office (Date, store #, employee name etc.) in addition to the name of the form in the "File name" of the "Save As" dialog box.  The main office employees will decide into which server file the pdf should be saved.


      I'm using Acrobat 8 professional, the stores and office personnel use Adobe reader.


      One little note:  We currently print and file a lot of paper on a daily bases, as soon as I can get this to work, we are going green.


      Me and a lot of trees in this will really apprecitate any help you can give with this!  :-)