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    Menu Transition in Tutorial Not Working



      I am an Apple cross over, loved DVDSP, easy to use and EASY to create menu transitions.

      I want to start creating transitions in Encore using Adobe After Effects (which is the only method possible).

      I found a tutorial for this provided by Adobe, wow , what a better person to tell you how to use their machine than the one who built it!!


      It doesn't work.


      I get to step 15 "Choose Composition> Preview > Ram Preview and I see no animation. (spent hours doing over and over)


      Some of the directions are somewhat vague, however, I seem to be getting the correct results. EG, step Step 4 "Double-click the comp in After Effects"

      I believe they mean the "Composition" Asset??? (Please don't use abbreviations!)


      This is the link to the tutorial:




      If someone could verify that :

      1. It is correct and I am wrong in my process.

      2. It is wrong, missing a step and I am right in my process.


      Thanks very mucho for any help



      Escapee from Apple Land

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          ex-dvdsp Level 1


          I missed ONE important part.

          That was setting a keyframe by clicking on the stopwatch, I thought that the "Stop watch" was the dragable "0.00" in the effects panel.

          I couldnt see the actual "Watch" outline that is about 3 x 5 pixels in size. Even with my glasses on, its quite hard to see.


          I caught this solution watching a Utube video. "I'm now setting a keyframe" and I watched him do it.

          Escapee from apple land.




          It works but it is crap, there is still a switch to a black screen, a delay and then the "Transition" which is no longer any type of transition at all.

          Thanks Adobe for your high quality product. This is not a problem in DVDSP.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            See my reply to your other post.