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    Help needed with Footers in RoboHelp 9


      I am currently creating a project in RoboHelp 9.  All of my topic pages were imported from a FrameMaker book.  There was no master page imported and I need to create the same footer on each topic page.


      From what I understand, you create the footer within the Master Page and then apply the master page to your topic pages.  However, when I attempted to do this, the footer looked fine, but the body of my page changed.  All the formatting was erased (such as bolding, font styles, spacing, etc.).  It basically looks like plain text now.  Did applying the master page after my topic pages were created affect all of the body within each page?  Is there a way to insert the same footer within each topic page without having to insert a footer one topic page at a time?  I have over 100 topic pages in this project and that would be very time consuming.


      Thanks for any help provided.