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    Creating a "master"




      I have been reading the forums and learning about PR Pro CS5 and video editing.  I am reading all of the threads about creating a "master."


      I want to create masters of some of my projects but don't know how to go about exporting to the codecs listed in the forums.


      I have seen the threads regarding the DN x HD codecs, Logartic, etc....I have downloaded these three codecs and attempted to export but can not find them as an option in export.


      I tried the DN x HD codec, found it, and went to download but was only give a 720 x 480 option when I need 1920 x 1080.


      Can someone walk me through creating a high quality master using one of those codecs that will work best for


      1920 x 1080i  29.97 projects.


      Up until now I have just been using the standard mpeg 2 (Bitrate of 15) export but i know it can be better than that.