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    Rendering out




      I am using AE CS 5.5. I created a composition 1440x 1080 that will be shown on closed citcuit TV. Its just animations of various graphics. No live action video. When I was done, I rendered it out, Quality: best, Resolution:full, size: 1440x 1080 etc. I was making it an AVI. Whe its rendered out, the file is huge and plays back choppy.  It also plays back choppy when I bring it into Premiere to edit.  I know there are some other articles about this, but can someone put it into terms people can understand and have it all in one spot?


      What should the settings be so that it can be played back in Premiere and shown on an HDTV?


      What if I wanted to render it out and play it in its own stand alone player like quicktime player?


      What should the settings be for something that will be uploaded to You tube?


      Thanks so much guys!