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    <span> tag (slightly different verse)

    Crone2011 Level 1

      RH9.02.271;  Windows 7;  Word 2010;  Firefox 10.0.1;  IE 9



      After using the RH toolbar to indent some "code" (for the user to see), the paragraphs following all have the same indentation--which they shouldn't and didn't have prior to clicking the button.


      When I checked the html, and <p class="code" <span>style="margin-left: 80px;" text........</span></p> had added itself to each paragraph from that point on. (Fortunately, it was a short topic, and fairly easy to clean up.)


      I am unable to re-create this peculiarity but wanted to get some feedback, if possible.


      BTW, I have seen the <span style="color:Transparent;"> tag before, but assumed my predecessor had applied it for some reason. My solution was to leave it alone as it didn't seem to make a difference to the output.