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    Shockwave MSI is missing compatibility components

    AKA Toby Ovod-Everett Level 1

      It appears that the Shockwave MSI that was released yesterday does not have the 10.* compatibility components.  It does appear that updated compatibility components were released ( - this matches the progression in release numbers observed over the past two and half years since was released).  This is the first MSI release since 11.* was released that doesn't have the 10.* compatibility components included.  It does not appear that there is any sanctioned method for automated deployment of the compatibility components to machines.


      Non-Administrative users can't install the compatibility components themselves (at least under XP), so they have no way of accessing sites that serve up 10.* content (see

      see Page 2 of http://www.adobe.com/support/director/ts/documents/kb403195/Director11_Whitepaper.pdf for details on when the compatibility components get invoked) unless they know to go into their settings and disable backward compatibility (or unless we tweak the deployment to configure that ahead of time).  Furthermore, if they contact a help desk to have them install the compatibility components, it is uncertain if there will be any automated patching for those components going forward when the another set of security releases for Shockwave gets released.  In addition, if tweaks were made to the Shockwave configuration on the machine, installation of the compatibility components has a tendency to wipe out those changes.
      I can confirm (at least under XP) that installation of the MSI to a machine with the MSI installed does result in the removal of the compatibility components (which is good - at least the vulnerability is eliminated).
      Perhaps Adobe would be willing to reconsider this decision.
      --Toby Ovod-Everett