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    FAQ: Please submit all crash reports using Adobe Crash Reporter (Mac)

    Jeffrey Tranberry Adobe Employee

      It's extremely important that if you encounter a crash to submit all crash reports using Adobe Crash Reporter on Macintosh and include the following information:


      1. Please provide a detailed description. If you can consistently reproduce the problem with specific steps, submit those steps (see related article on writing a quality bug report) . Even if you don’t know the exact steps to consistently reproduce the problem, try to provide as much detail as you can about what you were doing when the problem occurred: What operations were you performing when the problem occurred and just before the error occurred? What type of document were you using? Did you recently use any plug-ins? If the problem is specific to a particular file, feel free to post the file via Dropbox, YouSendIt, or some other free file sharing service and include a link to the file in the problem description.  If you have problems transferring the file or have a sensitive file, please contact the beta coordinators to make arrangements.
      2. Please include your email address. Someone from the product may want contact you to gather more information from you.


      Please note: Crash reports are only helpful if they're submitted using Adobe Crash Reporter. Sending crash reports using OS X's crash reporting infrastructure does not go to the Photoshop engineering team.


      Please read the following articles for additional details:





      The Photoshop Development Team