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    Dialog box in indesign appears in Symbols


      Hi All,


      I was someone might be able to help?


      I think something is wrong with my system fonts installed, Im using CS5 on Mac OS X version 10.6.7


      The dialog box below, is my issue, it keeps popping up, I have no Idea what its saying, How to change the font?


      Its driving me crazy.


      Screen shot 2012-02-16 at 10.17.13 AM.png

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I think you have a serious system issue, not an ID problem. Is this happening anywhere else?


          I had an issue like this on my old Widows XP laptop that was triggered when I tried to look in the fonts folder, but for me it made ALL dialogs, menus, etc. unreadable. Never found the cause, and ended up reinstalling the OS to fix it. Obviously not the same, since you're on a Mac, but in your shoes the first thing I would do is try a time machine restore to a few days ago.

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            eye_jam Level 1

            Thanks for that, this is been happening for about a year, just havnt had time to attend to it.


            Im not having any other real problems occasionally when Im using Chrome some text may do the same but this is rare.


            Im sure you are right, Not a indesign problem, probably a system font  or a d font clashing with the dialog box font. but I have no idea.


            I thought It might be worth a shot putting it up here, just incase someone may have the answer.


            Thanks for your help.