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    Title Tool bug / Trying to use PPro in a professional setting

    Sausagehead5 Level 1

      Create several titles, everything is fine, copy and paste the clips further down the timeline and when I try to revise the title it will not show the video behind the title, it either shows black or checkerboard. Even if I create new titles it won't show the video backround, BUT if I copy and paste everything in a new timeline it all works fine.


      How can I view the title tool in my broadcast monitor through Aja 3G?   How can I zoom in the canvas in the title tool when working with small disclaimer type?


      How does the type size slider numbers relate to either scanlines or point sizes?  Why are the values not the same as AE they're both adobe products?



      Trying to use Premiere for mid-high end spot finish, multitude of the sorts of bugs making it difficult.