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    can't export with same settings.

    robirdman1 Level 1

      I followed the procedure of starting a project, and not choosing any initial settings.  According to a tutorial I could import a clip and drag it to the new sequence icon and then be sure that it was imported exactly with the right settings.  So then I trimmed the ends and tried to export, checking the  "match sequence settings" box.  By doing so, other parameters are grayed out.  So doing so, and trying to proceed I get "error compling movie.  Unknown error.

      So then I tried a difference sequence with the same procedure as a test, and not trimming or anything with the same results.

      these clips are from a Nikon D300s camera:

      1280x720, 24 fps, progressivew, Quality 50.

      The output and source show the same settings but it doesn't work. Why not?