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    Official Adobe Flex Roadmap (Anyone seen this yet?)

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      And a Flash roadmap paper to follow.  Is this new or old news that I missed?  I'm surprised there doesn't seem to be a thread here about this.  Haven't read it all yet but it sounds like a positive development from what I saw.  (Of course I'm sure the Flash-haters won't spread this info around like they did with the anti-Flash propaganda and FUD recently.)





      As Flex moves into a community-driven open source project, Adobe will make initial technical contributions and will also continue to provide a team of full-time Flex SDK engineers to contribute to the Apache project.


      I found this interesting too:

      Falcon JS compiler contribution to Apache

      Falcon JS is an experimental ActionScript 3 compiler that targets JavaScript rather than the Flash Runtime. Adobe will contribute the prototype of Falcon JS source code to the Apache Flex Project after the completion and contribution of Falcon 1.0.


      Sounds like something we've been asking for, for a while now.  So, it seems that even in 2022 (haha) when HTML5 is finally "complete", the Flex SDK & toolset will be able to stay alive even if Flash and browser plugins don't.


      I've been a vocal complainer over the years at times, and I realize there may be a bit of "I'll believe it when I see it", but personally I'm quite satisfied with this approach and I think the doubters should reconsider whether abandonment of "Flash mobile" (IMO Flash is overkill for those little mobile toy apps anyway) in favor of this approach is really a bad thing.  I could see Flex going down the Eclipse path that IBM kicked off based on this, and obviously that was a major success in the Java world.

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          Thanks for posting the whitepaper.  It slipped by me.


          I wouldn't hold your breath on the Falcon JS compiler.  From what I have read many adobe engineers have said that it is no where near usable and seeing as Adobe is withdrawing from the Flex SDK, I wouldn't count on it getting finished.  Besides, at that point a pure DHTML... er.. I mean AJAX, oh geez, I mean a kickass HTML5 component library should exist.


          I was disappointed that Adobe made no commitment to supporting the Flex SDK in the flash player.

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            It's not just about Falcon though, they didn't say they're withdrawing - it says they're keeping a committed team on it.  It'll operate more like Eclipse/IBM/etc instead of a pseudo-open-source proprietary-ish thing like it was before.  I don't see it as a bad thing.


            Whether anything "HTML5" will ever be kickass is yet to be seen, for sure.  The browser wars aren't exactly slowing down, so standardization via standard committee (as opposed to providing "virtual software platforms" like Flash which have no such issues) is not really going to be easier going forward.  They can't even agree on a video codec.


            But I guess the main point is, the Flex SDK as a methodology for development (ActionScript, MXML, the Flex API & libraries) can feasibly be preserved even for the distant future, and even if Flash is dropped on the desktop. I personally believe may take a little more than just HTML5 to eliminate browser plugins totally.


            There's a Flash roadmap whitepaper link "TODO" or something at the bottom of that link, so we'll see what that says.  Even if Adobe did discontinue Flash, they'd probably fully open source it.  That's not going to eliminate Flex in enterprise environments.

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              You are preaching to the choir my friend.  I am rooting for Flex also.

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                Yes.  But I wish a topic about this were stickied to the top of this forum somewhere.  Seems like it's a common thing for people to wonder about, and I'm still running into people saying Flex or Flash is this or that.  Everyone who isn't an expert in the subject "knows all about it" (yeah right).


                We know this information isn't going to travel as fast and far as the "bad" (I think it was good personally) Flash mobile development/enhancement discontinuation news, which everybody critical of Flash and their grandmas plastered misinformation about all over the Internet.


                I have a deep rooted hatred for misinformation, "FUD", propaganda, ignorance, etc!   Adobe should hire over some of the propaganda goebbels from Apple to fight such misinformation, seems to be working out good for them in the other direction.

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                  I know this thread is a bit old, but it seems to me there's some reading comprehension problems going on if anyone thinks that white paper is positive for Flex and FlashBuilder. Specifically, look at these paragraphs from that paper:


                  "Flash Player 11.2 and Adobe AIR 3.2, which are anticipated to ship in the first quarter of 2012, will be tested with applications built using Adobe Flex 4.6. Adobe will test future releases of Flash Player and AIR against the Adobe Flex 4.6 SDK and maintain backwards compatibility for five years.

                  While Adobe will ensure that the Adobe Flex SDK 4.6 and prior will be supported in future versions of Flash Player and AIR, it will be the responsibility of the Apache Flex Project to test future versions of the Apache Flex SDK against released Adobe runtimes to ensure compatibility and proper functioning.

                  In the past, features were added to Flash Player and AIR specifically to support the needs of Flex applications. Going forward, features will be added to the runtimes to support Adobe's vision for the Flash Platform. The Apache Flex Project may choose to take advantage of those features; however, new features will not be added to the runtimes specifically to support the Apache project's efforts.




                  Adobe is actively developing the Flash Runtimes and the next versions of Flash Professional. Flash Platform technology will continue to evolve with a focus on gaming and premium video. The Adobe roadmap of the Flash runtimes white paper details the future innovations in the Flash Platform."

                  Now, I read that as, "Look Flex developers! We're going to support you at the SDK 4.6 level for five years, making sure any future Flash Players released by Adobe will run Flex apps written agains the SDK 4.6. But, if the Apache community goes and adds more features into the SDK and creates new releases and versions, it's going to be up to them to make sure THEIR code fits OUR Flash Player because we are gearing the Flash Player for gaming and premium video optimization. So, don't expect to add new features and have us modify the Flash Player to meet your needs because you guys are an albatrose around our necks and we're only supporting you for five years because we sort of feel bad that companies around the world invested millions of development dollars into our product. We'd love to get rid of you now, but we'll make a five year commitment to you so we don't look like complete jerks."