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    Weird Audio/playback issue



      I'm a Newbie who left FCP X for Cs5.5 when it works it's great. Here's the problem.

      After having exported a project (Local Tv broadcast) I can No longer hear audio playback from PP. I can SEE the audio and the levels in the audio section.

      from the Project bin I can play the files back, but audio will NOT playback from source or program windows.


      Also the playback is very sporadic. There are also other problems... For instance, I normally like to watch the program with my safe zones

      activated. If I try this video will only play a sec or so and stop. My system is pretty strong (I'll list my specs below) and audio will play back from other

      Apps. And YES I have checked my audio hardware specs.


      I've even reinstalled the program nothing seems to work. Everything was working fine then all of a sudden "HORROR"!!!


      Please help, we rely on this for our broadcast and going back to FCP is a Definate NO GO.


      My specs are


      Mac Pro( 2) 2.4 quad core

      24Gig ram

      6TB memory

      Monitoring via 32" HD Tv (HDMI)


      Thank you for your help.


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          pastorjjo Level 1

          Wow? Not even an attempt to help?.....

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            Jim Curtis Level 3

            This won't help, but I can empathize.  I have the same problem.  MacPro3,1, CS5.5.  10.6.8.  Audio just stops outputting, while I can see activity in the meters.


            My workaround is to go to Audio Preferences and change the audio output to something else, close the window, open it and return to the prior setting.  Or, quit and relaunch the app.  Both workarounds are a pain.  I don't know of a fix. 


            I have a Kona LHi installed.  Some times I can just toggle between my default audio output (which is a Tapco Link USB) and the AJA Audio preference.  Some times this works; others not.  For some reason, the Kona has a hard time playing audio and video out of the same interface, and it skips less when using Tapco while the AJA is playing video. 


            There may be some conflict between the OS audio driver and the AJA driver.  But, I've not experienced any similar conflicts when using the Kona with either FCP7, FCPX, Avid MC6, or Ae.  So, that seems to implicate Pr's inability to host different audio drivers without problems.


            It's the annoying little things like this that has had me investigating switching back to MC or FCPX.  But then, they have their own set of problems.  Pr is the least of evils at this point.  However, MC6 and FCPX will certainly be improved with bug fixes as time passes.  CS5.5 is at the end of it's life, with CS6 expected (by some speculators) to be introduced at NAB.  While this might get fixed in CS6, it will most likely be accompanied with a new set of bugs as well.

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              pastorjjo Level 1

              Thank you for replying...I was actually wondering if I was the only one with this issue.


              I moved from FCPX, which for me was a complete nightmare. I can't figure out why all of a sudden even playback is quirky and filled with  Intermittent stops and system failures? For instance. Why would I not be able to view safe zones for my titles while playing back footage? When I try, it stops the playback or it cancels the safe zone.


              I guess I'll keep trying to source it out. Unfortunately the gents at a tech Support haven't been that much help. They seem to get frustrated very easily and become very condescending....the last gent I spoke with started upsetting me at which time I felt it was better to end the call and try again the next day.


              Just bought a MBP, but my thoughts are...."If the Mac Pro, couldn't handle it then surely a MBP wouldn't either". Although I know it's an Adobe issue. The MBP was just for editing at home.


              Thanks for the post, I'll post back if I find something helpful.



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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                Wow? Not even an attempt to help?.....


                The only advice I can offer is persona non grata around here, but since you asked (twice).


                Moving from FCP to PP is a good start, but only half the process.  Finish the move and switch back to Windows, where things generally work.