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    Animating an Image


      Good day,


      Very new to video and image editing


      I have an picture of a boat and I want to make it move across the water, is taht possible in after effects/what program do I need.. also how do I go about doing it? Is there any tutorial or something similar I could watch and apply to my picture


      also, I have 5.5 and the image stablizer has 2 boxes that I can expand or just leave small, what do they do? also when recording sailing from another boat the camera was flipped around a few times when not paying attention, how do I get the picture level through out. I see there is a rotation box on the stablizier part of the program but it doesnt seem to do anything (as Im sure Im not doing it correctly)



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Your journey starts here. Sorry, you really need to learn some basics first. We're not even speaking the same language and without that, anything we can tell you will merely frustrate you to no end, much less any tutorial that may build on these basics.



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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I would like to second what Mylenium said. After Effects can animate things like you describe, but you can't animate them in After Effects like you describe until you have an understanding of the program. After Effects is a very broad and very deep piece of software. Basics first! Follow Mylenium's link and welcome to the world of AE.

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