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    Encore Menu Transitions Made in After Effects


      There seems to be a lot of sites (Including Adobe) on the internet that show / say how to create menu transitions. That is to have a smooth, clean transition form the menu to the video when a button on the menu is pressed. EG , A button that says "Play Movie" which is linked to a chapter on the video time line.


      I don't know if this is a BD problem or not. But for BD authoring, even though a "Transition" is created, there really is no transition. On BD, any time a menu ends , there is a black screen for about 1 - 2 seconds before anything after it plays. The "Composition" (The transition) that you create is just something that the menu button is linked to when the button is pressed.

      This negates entirely the function / performance of a true transition.


      This is like a $500,000.00 Lamborgini , perfect paint job except for a keyed scratch from back to front, it really ruins the product.


      Is this a hardware issue that is not surmountable? or is there a way to solve it??




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