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    How to compare 2 Class Objects

    Maximist Level 1

      Hallo. I have 2 Objects of Type i_DomandaRisposte. This is the Object class: 



      package MyProg.vo
        import flash.utils.ByteArray;
        import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;


      public class i_DomandaRisposte
        public function i_DomandaRisposte(){}

      public var tip:String;
        public var tipologia_risposta:Number;
        public var numero_visualizzazioni:int;
        public var numero_selezioni:int;
        public var ordine:Number;
        public var img:Array;
        public var traduzioni:Array;


      If i have 2 instances of this object, which is the best way to compare this 2 instances and to understand if, in each property, there is the same content??.. As you see there are strings, Int and Array. I need to check that the int values, string values and all Array contents are the same.. How can i do that??.. I hope you understand my request.