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    Easy question.


      Hi, thanks for any help. I use Flash to do animations and drawings, but I recently wanted to get into using Flash in web design. What's the best way to get my video/animation into HTML and have it loop?

      I've been trying, here's what happens, I draw a picture in photoshop, I want to animate a small piece, bring it into Flash, animate the part and it looks good, but when I try to export as .gif it's horrible. I thought about swf or fla, but then there's iOS incompatibility.

      Any suggestions? The file is 800-600 or 1600-1200, I've even tried redrawing/reanimating the whole thing in flash only in 2 layers in ten frames, still it's horribly pixelated and has white dots, which I've never had. Thanks again.

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          S.Stevens Level 1

          If it helps to give an example: imagine a 800-600 jpeg of a house, in flash I add smoke coming from the chimney. The photo is clear, the animation is clear, export to .gif and it's all messed up.

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            robdillon Most Valuable Participant

            The best quality that you're going to get out of Flash for an animated, or still, .gif is 8 bit color. So the quality of the image will never be as good as the 24 bit color that went in to Flash.


            You may be better off creating the animated .gif in Photoshop. In Photoshop you have much more control over the output.

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              S.Stevens Level 1

              I haven't tried that, I started to...but hoped I could in Flash. Thanks.

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                S.Stevens Level 1

                Just wondering, why would this happen on a drawing that was done entirely in Flash? I redrew the house in Flash, added the smoke and exported as a 800-600 .gif? Is it that too big for .gif? Should I stick to 200x300? Thanks.

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                  robdillon Most Valuable Participant

                  It's not the size of the image, it's the resolution, pixels per inch, and the number of colors available. While Flash has come a long way in working with bitmap images, it still has many problems when working with lots of differently colored pixels in a group. If you redrew the artwork in Flash, you would be using vectors, the same as in Illustrator. Flash is optimized to work with vectors. They are much simpler and require less computational power to manipulate.


                  Regardless of your original art, when you export the file to a .gif, animated or not, you are working with a whole new set of problems. Flash has to either transcode the bitmap or translate the vector to the .gif format and its color restrictions. All of the exporters in Flash are less than optimal. None of them produce really clean crisp art. Photoshop is the tool of choice when you want to edit pixels, like in a bitmap image. It is designed to produce the best possible results.


                  If you have a copy of After Effects, your best opportunity is to create the animation in AE and then save that as an uncompressed Quicktime file. Then import that into Photoshop to output the final animated gif.


                  I'll bet you thought that this would be easy!

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                    S.Stevens Level 1

                    Haha! Easy, me? Of course not...baaah. Well, I have photoshop and flash, unfortunately I don't have AfterEffects! :/ so I guess that's that. I'll try in photoshop and see if I have any luck. Thanks again, man sometimes you go in to forums and just get ignored, I really appreciate it!

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                      S.Stevens Level 1

                      For what it's worth, I taught myself how in photoshop, super easy, and it worked!!! Thanks a lot Rob!!! I barely lost any quality and it looks great on the web! Thanks again!