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    link an app to an Indesign Project


      Hello to everybody.


      Just a question that I can't figure out by myself.


      I am working on a project to create an interactive pdf but I am not able to link an application created by myself in adobe director. The name of the application is start.app and I want to run it when I pushed over a button.

      I tried to write a script in the script folder to make it run, but I am not able to link the script to my object in the interactive pdf created with indesugn.


      Is it possible?


      thank you very much.

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Ask somewhere else (you are slightly unclear about what you intend to do so I'm hesitant to suggest a better forum -- Director, perhaps?).


          But a script that you write for InDesign and run in InDesign only works within InDesign, i.e., it performs actions on your InDesign document, not on a PDF you exported from that same document.

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            elifra2005 Level 1

            It's very difficult to explain by words.


            I need an help in this forum because I want to make my book(interactive pdf) opens an external application that is a sort of presentation with video and images created in director.


            If I try to create an hypertextual link between a button and this file  I don't have the chance to choose it. So I thought to write a script like - launch "start.app"- to make my presentation run ( it happens if I ask the script to run).


            But I wonder: - how can I make this event happen only  when I ask to my project to do it?-



            For example: I am reading my book on adobe digital edition and at the end of the third chapter, there is an image.  I mouse up and I understand it's a button. When I click on, it opens a new window with my presentation running and I watch it. At end I quit and I keep on reading my book on Adobe digital edition.


            Have you an idea?


            I hope I have explained it much better?!?!