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    Sorting paragraph, apply style then next and (maybe) placing images...


      Hi everybody,

      I have to set a layout on several pages for a magazine, arranging pictures along with some text related.

      I have a text file of this kind:


      Text a/1 (should apply Heading style)

      Text b/1 (should apply Bodytext style)


      Text a/2 (should apply Heading style)

      Text b/2 (should apply Bodytext style)

      + Photo


      Text a/3 (should apply Heading style)

      Text b/3 (should apply Bodytext style)

      + Photo


      Text a/1 (should apply Heading style)

      Text b/4 (should apply Bodytext style)





      I wish to sort the paragraphs, keep note of those where an image is needed, strip them out into a new frame on the pasteboard with the picture reference and apply to the main text column the styles in order.

      Let me explain better with some pictures...


      a)Schermata 02-2455974 alle 10.21.20.png b)Schermata 02-2455974 alle 10.22.27.png c)Schermata 02-2455974 alle 10.24.53.png

      d)Schermata 02-2455974 alle 10.30.29.png final)Schermata 02-2455974 alle 10.33.11.png


      Is it possible, in your opinion?