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    Unhandled IOError

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      I am having a problem catching an IOErrorEvent.  I am loading some XML for a menu and then using URLLoader to load some HTML pages on click of a menu item.  I have IOErrorEvent listeners set up on both of these loaders and they are working and catching errors if the xml or the html page fails to load.  However, in the HTML of the HTML pages I am loading images using the img tag and if one of the images is missing I get the unhandled IOError.  I can't figure what is doing the loading and how to listen to it.  The other components I have are a divided box and in this I have a tree and a text area.  The HTML pages load into the text area so I thought maybe the images were loading into the text area and tried to listen for IOErrors on the text area but I still couldn't catch the unhandled error.


      Any suggestions?