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    How to save ebooks in my A.D.E. library??


      Hello everybody!


      Yesterdag i have bought a Bebook Neo.

      According to the manual i downloaded Digital Editions on my computer (Mac).


      As i am really new here i do experience some difficulties in managing files.

      I received by email some ebooks. When i click the link to the book (Epub format) Digital Editions opens the link, showing the book.

      However i cannot see how to save this book fix in the Digital editions library; whenever i click other buttons, the just opened book disappears and to open it again i have to click the link again in the email.


      What must i do to store these books fix in my library?


      Next question; how do i transfer these books from the library in digital editions on my mac to my Bebook?

      Anybody that can help this ebook newby??


      Thanks a lot in advance for your most appreciated help!!


      Cher from Holland!!