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    How to save ebooks in my A.D.E. library??


      Hello everybody!


      Yesterdag i have bought a Bebook Neo.

      According to the manual i downloaded Digital Editions on my computer (Mac).


      As i am really new here i do experience some difficulties in managing files.

      I received by email some ebooks. When i click the link to the book (Epub format) Digital Editions opens the link, showing the book.

      However i cannot see how to save this book fix in the Digital editions library; whenever i click other buttons, the just opened book disappears and to open it again i have to click the link again in the email.


      What must i do to store these books fix in my library?


      Next question; how do i transfer these books from the library in digital editions on my mac to my Bebook?

      Anybody that can help this ebook newby??


      Thanks a lot in advance for your most appreciated help!!


      Cher from Holland!!

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          The Digital Editions HELP files have all of the answers for you.  What you

          can do is to import the ebooks into Digital Editions, and that's pretty

          simple.  The hard part may be getting them onto your BeBook Neo, because

          it's not supported by ADE.  Click

          HERE<http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices> to

          see a list of the supported devices.  So, let me suggest that you avoid

          Digital Editions and copy the ebooks to your ereader directly.  I don't

          know how this ereader works, so all I can do is suggest copying them



          Getting on my soapbox for a moment, devices that are claimed to be able to

          support ebooks come out almost every month.  Digital Editions is a product

          of the late 1990's, before we had so many different devices, and its design

          reflects the way to do transfers and ebook management at that time.  That

          also was before the Android and Blackberry operating systems.  So, ADE

          works with MAC versions through Snow Leopard and Windows XP, Vista and even

          7 (although there are a few 'issues' with 7).


          When you buy one of the new devices, the manufacturer may tell you that

          it's compatible with Digital Editions.  Some actually have loaded Digital

          Editions onto the device.  However, beware of the claims, because you may

          be misled.