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    Stopping all movie clips at once, then play..

    karma007 Level 1
      Dear Everyone

      I have one SWF that contains many movie clips, all accessed from '_root'.

      I am using the following to stop (script on a 'stop' button) all the movie clips and the main time line:

      on (press) {

      function stopAllF(mc) {
      mc = eval(mc);
      for (obj in mc) {
      if (typeof (mc[obj]) == "movieclip") {

      yourLevels = new Array("_level0");
      for (ivar=0; ivar<=yourLevels.length; ivar++) {


      What I need to know is how to tell which movie clips were playing, when I pressed the stop button, because I will only want to start these movies when I press the play button.

      It is no good just duplicating the script above and replacing stop() with play(), because that will play all the movies clip and main timeline. I only want to start the movie clips that were playing at the time I pressed the stopped button.

      I need to find a property that identifies whether a movie clip is playing or not, but I cannot find anything like this in the actionscript reference...

      I hope this makes sense.