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    automate letter creation by email etc.

    Hubertus Mueller



      I would like to find a solution for letter creation automation. The idea is I send an email to my server-mac / or put a text document in a special dropbox folder, so that this email or text is processed automatically to put its text content  into the body of a letter with my letterhead etc.


      like this:


      email to server watching address


      subject: create business letter




      [from] me [/from] -> puts my name in the placeholder

      [to] adress here [/to] -> fills out the address part of the letter

      [body] ...

      [signature] yes [/]-> puts my signature file (or already on the template)


      then this letter could be sent directly back to me by mail, or to a printer or to a fax...


      how could I do this? I have indesign CS3, filemaker.


      your help is very appreciated...