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    Can't edit long mp3 file

    Bruce501 Level 1


      I am using Audition 3.0.1.  As part of our research in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control we record telephone interviews that generally last about an hour.  We record using Stepvoice Recorder set to mono at 64kbps, 22050 khz recording frequency.  One of our interviewers somehow managed to let the recorder run for over 14 hours, creating a file 2.95GB in size.  I can play this file back using the Stepvoice Recorder or Windows Media Player.  I can open the file in Adobe Audition but it opens as a solid block of random noise.  My goal is to be able to truncate everything except the first hour of audio in this file.  I've tried opening as mp3Pro and PCM Raw with the same result. Either way, Audition prompts me with the "Interpret Sample Format As" dialog and I select Sample Rate=  22050, Channels = Mono and Resolution = 16 bit.  Then I'm greeted with the "PCM Raw Data (no header)" dialog with "16 bit  Intel PCM..." selected.  I just click Ok here because I don't know what to answer.  Then I get a big green block of noise.


      Does anyone know any secrets to getting Audition to open this file and let me truncate it?  Are there other products (preferably free) that would allow me to do this?  Any help appreciated...thanks!



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          ryclark Adobe Community Professional

          Audition opens all files as .wav files. These are uncompressed from the original .mp3. The maximum size of a .wav file is 2GB (just over 3 hours of CD quality audio). So there is no way that Audition can open your file even if you can make it understand the file format properly. You have to truncate it before presenting it to Audition. Something like MP3Cutter should be able to do that for you.

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            Bruce501 Level 1

            Thanks Ryclark!  Just understanding that Audition opens files as .wav goes a long way to understanding the problem.  I'll check out MP3Cutter, it sounds like it will do the trick.