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    Re: Saving Greyscale File to PDF


      This is a dumb question, but.....if I create a greyscale document in PS, and save it as a PDF, it stays greyscale, right???  


      Thank you!!

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          It depends on your Output Settings.


          Edit: Actually I might better have said that the image can be limited to the black channel.

          Color Conversion: No Conversion seems to be the important setting.

          But it’s best to check in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader whether the content is really limited to the black channel.

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            chuckzwood Level 1

            If, in the output settings, I choose the option below, does it stay in greyscale? 


            Color Conversion:  No Conversion


            If no, what are the correct output settings to keep greyscale??


            Thank you!!

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              chuckzwood Level 1

              Sorry, I started replying before your edit!  One more question....in Acrobat Pro, how do I find the specs that state what color space a PDF is??   I have tried to find this before, and cannot.  I figured out how to convert to greyscale in Acrobat, but it does not do as good a job as PS does.   Thanks again !!

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                c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                Sorry, I should have posted in one go.


                If a profile has been attached you should be able to see that under View > Navigation Panels > Standards (and Advanced > Print Production > Output Preview).

                But the pdf itself will, if I understand correctly, not be grayscale even if the content is only in the black channel.

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                  chuckzwood Level 1

                  I am beginning to think I am saving to the wrong file (PDF).   Perhaps EPS may be better, but I am not familiar with it enough to feel comfortable using it. 


                  Well, thanks again for your help, I appreicate your time!!

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                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                    What is your intent in saving this file?  Are you providing it to someone who has requested a specific format (or formats), or are you just trying to save a master copy?


                    If the latter, just save it as Photoshop format PSD file.



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                      c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                      You could also check over at


                      if you have questions about pdf.

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                        Gernot Hoffmann Level 3

                        Given: an RGB image

                        Convert to Grayscale

                        Save as Photoshop-PDF with embedded profile


                        Result is a PDF which contains this Grayscale-Image,

                        coded by 8 bits per pixel (Indexed Color).

                        The profile is the valid Grayscale-profile during the conversion,

                        for instance Gamma=2.2 or - as below - a Gray-profile derived

                        from any CMYK profile (Black-Ink).


                        If such a PDF has been created without embedding a profile,

                        then it's practically impossible to handle it correctly for printing.


                        For offset printing by K-only it's highly recommended to paste

                        the Grayscale into the K-channel, leaving CMY channels/plates

                        empty. Then a Black-Ink-profile as below is the best choice.


                        Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann



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                          chuckzwood Level 1

                          Noel, pfaffenbichler, and Gernot -- thank you very much for your posts!!!!!  I appreciate your help !


                          I need the greyscale files to be placed in an InDesign publication, which I am creating.   Some of the greyscale files I create, some are sent to me in various formats (PDF, JPEG, Word, and Publisher files, mostly -- some are professionally created, some are not).  I create files in PS and/or ID (I know, I know, I should use AI, just never got the hang of it).  I prefer to save PS files as PDF's, because PSD's appear to be rasterized in ID (the text is no longer text).  When I receive PDF's from others, and convert them to greyscale in Acrobat, they become very dark, but at least retain the text as text.  If converted in PS, they mostly retain their original look -- BUT, then the text is no longer text!  What is the correct way of converting these files??


                          I will give more background.....Once a year, I use InDesign to create a booklet which is printed in CMYK, of course.  Last year, many of the black/white pages of the proof booklet had a color tinge to them.  I mentioned this to the printer, and he said he would fix it, which he did.  However, we had to print a handful more booklets, which the printer used my files, not the FIXED files, and the result was icky black & white pages.  This year, I asked the printer what I needed to do to fix this, and he said convert the files to greyscale in Photoshop.  Most of the pages which should be in greyscale, are ads which are sent to me, and I do not have the original; and a few are ads which I have created, therefore have the original files. 


                          Long story short, I am trying to figure out the best way to be certain my black/white pages do NOT print with a color tinge, and are crisp/clear. 


                          If you are still reading......everyone, thanks again for the help!!