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    FAQ: What are the known issues so far in Photoshop CS6 Beta

    Pattie F Adobe Employee


        • Lightroom 4 Beta + Photoshop CS6 beta -- Editing the same video file simultanously in both applications may result in an error, crash, or blank (transparent) frames. You might see this Photoshop error: "Could not complete the Render Video command because of a problem with Adobe Media Encoder".

          This will only be an issue with Lightroom 4 beta and Photoshop CS6 beta on the same system, editing the same video. The released versions will not have this issue.

          : Upgrade to LR Release version (even if it's just the trial), or don't open the same file in both apps at the same time.

        • CS5 Help fails to launch after install of CS6
          Workaround: Launch the stand alone "Adobe Help" application or reinstall CS5



        • Crop action shows wrong crop box.Playing an action with a crop step that has dialogs turned on results in a crop box that covers the entire canvas instead of the expected area.

                      Workaround: Ensure that the Crop Tool is selected before running the action or disable dialogs for the action.




        • (32bit OS only) Initial "Merge to HDR Pro" image display and result is black until settings are changed

          Workaround: It will remain black until droplist in the "mode" line is selected, changed and activated, then action appears to be normal.


        • Bokeh color is different from preview after render at certain zoom levels on particular image patterns

          Workaround: View image at 100%


        • Lighting effects bump map generates artifacts if an alpha channel bump map is used. The resulting preview and final image is artifacted across the gradiated areas of the alpha channel.

                     Workaround: Do not use a gradiated alpha channel as a bump map


        • Liquify will perform the filter and save to just part of the photo if you click cancel while it is "finishing processing" a large file.





        • If a vector layer has a center-aligned stroke combined with an inside-aligned layer style stroke, then that vector layer's stroke may not display correctly -- part of the vector layer stroke will disappear as the layer is moved around the image.

          Workaround: Use the "Path Selection Tool" to move your vector around -- alternatively, Change the stroke alignment or remove underlying layers.

        • Dragging a selection box while layer filters are applied stops marquee selection from following cursor movement
          Workaround: Even though the graphic of the selection marquee stops, the selection still happens. OR Turn off layer filtering before targeting the layers using a selection box




        • Editing text attributes in the Character panel when the layer is locked can result in a crash

          Workaround: Unlock your text layer prior to attribute adjustments in the Character panel


        • Setting the menu type>font>preview size to "huge" after opening a saved file caused photoshop to crash

          Workaround: Uncheck Background save in Photoshop CS6


        • Style by example or definition not working as expected:
          If any attribute in the Paragraph Panel is set and you create a new Paragraph Style, the new style is based on the default and the override is not cleared.




        • Paint is offset with Grip Pen- if you select the Soft Low Density Airbrush Preset with Grip Pen paint with swicth facing right with a high tilt towards you the cursor shows the spray should be going up, but it sprays down.



        • Creating a video timeline and rendering video from two 3D layers may not include ground plane reflections
          Workaround: Use mesh for ground plane instead of 3D engines construct, or duplicate the file and remove the keyframes

        • Creating a New background texture after changing lighting presets results in crash
          Workaround: Create the New background texture prior to adjusting lighting presets

        • Unable to create a constraint on extruded object with Pillow Inflate setting applied. Further actions may result in Photoshop instability or crash.

        • Photoshop may crash when trying to align/distribute constraints from selections of two 3-D extruded objects

        • Photoshop may not always save a texture when you paint directly onto the 3d object using Paint on Target Texture setting.

        • Photoshop may crash when selecting a different panel filter after the focus has been on 2 fields in the environment flyout with IBL map present

        • Photoshop may crash after embedding a 3D layer into a layer group, creating a new 3d object in the group, and then closing the document.

        • When changing the color of the lines or points in the 3D scene cross section from the Properties panel, side b color overwrites the color in side A.

        • Program Error when adjusting fill value in Layers panel while in Lighting Effects workspace.
          Workaround:You will have to use opacity slider instead of fill slider to pull back the lighting effect





      If you install duplicate plugins or point the additional plugins folder preferences to a duplicate set of plugins (such as, to an older version of Photoshop), then it is possible for odd Photoshop behavior, such as an inappropriate file extension to appear when saving files.

      (example: while performing a "save as"  to JPEG file type, the file format appears to change to .dcm)


      In this case, there may be a duplicate "file formats" plugin that's populating the Save As file types list with duplicates of the same options.

      If there are duplicate file format plugins installed, the Mac OS will remove the duplicates from the list, but you may still see the odd saving behavior.



      Remove the duplicate plugins.

      If you are not sure if you have this issue, but are seeing odd behavior, you can check for duplicates by looking through the plugins listed in the Help > System Info dialog.





        • Unable to Copy and Paste in File info in Bridge
          Workaround: Typing info in Manually works, or copy and paste work in Photoshop's File Info dialog





        • Adobe Setup Utility may quit, or error during install. You may see error: "Exit Code: 15"
          Workaround: Create a folder named 'Templates' at "<Windows drive>:\Users\<current user login id>\AppData\Roaming\Micorsoft\Windows\"


        • Message saying trial of PS CS6 beta expired,Content coming soon, stay tuned.

          Workaround: re-launch photoshop CS6 beta. This issue should not happen anymore