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    Why am I having trouble saving images consistently with Photoshop 5


      I have been trying to save images from one file to a final modified one.  Two problems:  1) Some images are unedited and save sometimes but not always.  Why?    2) Some are a combination of an original plus a transformed close-up from another image.  When the finished edited image saves, it is much smaller than the few unedited images that did successfully save.  Why?


      The images are digital photos of my jewelry.  In order to decrease the number of pages on my impending website, I am attempting to transfer, when one is available, a resized close-up to the other shot of  the full set (close-ups are what sell the work!).  Some of the images show 25% on the top bar but that doesn't seem to make a difference as to whether it will save or not.  Others (I notice they seem to be more horizontal images) are 16.7% ?  Does anyone still use Photoshop 5 or is this a fix that is so basic, it is the same for newer editions???  Anyone?


      Also, while we are on this page:  I tried to upload example images to illustrate what I am trying to do but kept getting an error message.  Any advise?